The Art of Diamond Mobile Detailing

The professional detailer understands that detailing is both “art and science.” The “science” of detailing includes such concrete elements as chemicals, equipment, knowledge of vehicle surfaces, industry standards, and customer requirements. The “art” of detailing is the activity of combining these elements into procedures that work for each specific situation. Success in doing so yields quality service and, ultimately, a delighted customer. This is one of our primary goals as professionals.

There is nothing like having a clean car. While anyone can simply clean his vehicle, it takes a lot of time and effort to get the car to look as if it just came off the showroom floor.

Detailers take great time and effort to ensure that your car looks its finest. Detailing is more than just washing the exterior and vacuuming the carpets. It’s about getting into every nook and cranny and removing dirt and grime that have built up over the years–thus restoring the car to showroom quality.

Sometimes an individual will have his or her vehicle detailed simply because he or she wants a clean car. At other times, detailing becomes a very serious business, especially when the person having their auto detailed intends to enter it in a car show. In car shows, a vehicle is often judged partially on how well-kept and clean it appears. One such car show that is devoted mainly to the appearance of cars is the Concours d’Elegance, sometimes referred to as the Concours.

Though it would appear that detailing covers every aspect of cleaning a vehicle, it does not encompass considerations like upholstery work, painting, body work or mechanical repair.

The purpose of detailing is to bring out the vehicle’s appearance potential via the polishing and waxing of exterior paint, wheels and chrome, and by giving the upholstery and seats a thorough cleaning.

Detailing a car is the comprehensive cleaning, waxing, and polishing of both its interior and exterior. This is done to restore the car to its former glory, making it eligible for showroom competitions and car exhibitions. Auto detailing is also done to prevent dirt build-up, thus preserving and increasing a car’s value.

It doesn’t take an expert to look around at the vehicles on the roads and filling parking lots to realize that many vehicle owners either don’t care a whole lot about the finish and condition of their vehicles, or at best, they lack the time to take care of them the way they would like to. At the same time, there are also others that range from having a pretty solid understanding of how to handle the basics, to weekend warriors who take detailing their cars very seriously. Wherever you fall into the mix, we believe that everyone has something to gain by delving into the nitty-gritty details of the art of automotive detailing.

What exactly do you mean by “detailing?” How is that different than washing and waxing?

Automotive detailing – as the name implies – is the art form (for many) of restoring and maintaining every possible aspect of the vehicle’s finishes and surfaces through the use of skilled techniques with various products and tools. Also, as the name implies, detailing focuses on the details – taking the process of simply “washing and waxing” a vehicle to entirely new levels that go well beyond driving through car washes at a local gas station.

Anyone can “wash and wax” a car with a handful of old, crusty towels, maybe a shop rag or two, a used paint bucket, dish soap and a bottle of generic wax – but are you doing more harm than good to your vehicle? The short answer is: Yes.

How so?
Automotive finishes, particularly paint, are far more delicate than the average consumer realizes. Something as simple as wiping one’s finger across a painted panel or many glossy plastic surfaces with even a day’s worth of dust and dirt resting upon it can scratch or swirl the surface.

Keeping that in mind, consider what a towel too hard and nasty for your skin can do to a surface that can be scratched so easily with a fine layer of dust. Adding to the problem – dish soaps, a common choice for do-it-yourselfers – are not pH balanced for automotive use and over time they can strip away essential oils from surfaces of the vehicle – not to mention removing all wax in a single wash.

Why should I care about getting my car detailed?
While we understand that to some a vehicle is merely a form of transportation and little more, we know you’re here because you’re interested in cars. Even if you are indifferent about how much your car shines on a day to day basis, when it comes time to sell a vehicle, proper maintenance of the paint, plastic and metal surfaces can be just as important as regular oil changes and service schedules when demanding top dollar.

In today’s economy, more than ever, many consumers are being forced to keep their cars longer. Why not get the maximum enjoyment out of your vehicle by making it look like new again.

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