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Since its establishment in 2010, Diamond Mobile Auto Detail has consistently pursued the goal of delivering comprehensive mobile auto detailing services at an unbeatable price. The primary focus has always been on providing excellent service to clients, ensuring each vehicle leaves in its newest possible condition.

The dedicated team, led by Don, covers a vast service area encompassing most of North West LA. Their commitment extends beyond mere automotive care; it’s about building relationships with clients and communities.

Founded with the intent of assisting a homeless individual, Diamond Mobile Auto Detail has evolved over seven years into a reliable business, contributing significantly to the local community. The ethos of giving back remains embedded in the company’s values.

What sets Diamond Mobile Auto Detail apart is their meticulous attention to detail. Beyond the standard services, the team often incorporates additional features like wax sealant, enhancing the durability of the service. Notably, these additions come at no extra charge to clients, emphasizing a commitment to longevity rather than short-term gains.

Unlike conventional car washers who use products that attract dirt to the paint, Diamond Mobile Auto Detail exclusively employs top-of-the-line products. This strategic choice ensures that the vehicles they service maintain a cleaner and more vibrant appearance for an extended period.

For inquiries or a free quote, clients are encouraged to connect directly with Don. The preferred mode of communication is text, considering the often loud environment in which they operate. Feel free to reach out at 661-232-8700.

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Best regards, The Diamond Mobile Auto Detail Team