Clay Bar Treatment Basics

Vehicle detailing is a major part of maintaining a car. Before polishing a car, it is usually a good idea to use a clay bar treatment so that the paint is prepared and ready for polishing. Even if the car is not being polished, most cars should be treated with a clay bar at least twice in a year to remove contamination from the paint.

Reasons that Contaminants Build Up

The reason that a clay bar treatment is recommended before polishing and on a regular basis is the potential for paint contaminants. Even when a car is washed and waxed regularly, contaminants are not always removed from the paint.

Dust from railroad tracks, the brakes on a car or from industrial fall-out in areas that have factories and industrial compounds can become embedded in the paint. In most cases, the dust is microscopic, so it is not visible after the car is cleaned. Over time, that dust builds up and contaminates the paint.

The purpose of a clay bar treatment is removing that dust so that the paint remains smooth and does not become damaged and ugly over time.

Basic Process of the Treatment

Although the techniques can change and improve each year, the basic process of treating the vehicle is similar. The bar is sprayed with an appropriate clay lubricant, which is then moved over the vehicle to remove the particles.

Generally, a clean surface is necessary because the clay bar must have access to the contaminants that become embedded in the paint. Thus, most cars are washed and dried completely prior to starting the treatment to ensure that the surface is ready. Your car detail professional will undoubtedly know the best approach for getting your vehicle in tip-top shape prior to a clay bar treatment.

When the contaminants are embedded deep in the paint, it may take several passes to remove the material. A professional clay bar treatment can work wonders for the exterior of your car and the technique makes it easy to enjoy beautiful results.

Impressive Results

Remember, it is always a good idea to remove the contaminants from the paint on a vehicle via a clay bar before taking any steps to wax and polish the car. By providing a smooth foundation and then following with waxing and polishing, the vehicle will make the paint look amazing. See your detailing expert today!

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