The Importance of Regular Auto Detailing

As a driver, it’s only natural to want to keep your car looking as good as possible – not only does it help with its “curb appeal,” but it also keeps the resale value high as a means of protecting the investment you made upon its original purchase. And that’s where auto detailing comes in. Yes, as soon as you put that first mile on your vehicle it technically becomes “used,” and while there’s no real way to keep your car looking “brand new” over the time you are the owner, there’s a noticeable difference between a car that has been cared for and well kept up versus one that has not. Specifically, auto detailing is a meticulous process that involves regularly cleaning, waxing and polishing your car so that the paint always looks fresh and new and the car always looks its best. Most experts agree that auto detailing should be done at least once a year and possibly even more, depending on things like weather conditions, the age of the vehicle, how often the vehicle is used and where the vehicle is parked when it’s not in use. Aside from the exterior of the vehicle, many detailers will also work on the interior and the engine compartments as well. We already covered the importance of appearance and retail value as it pertains to regular detailing. Here’s a look at some more benefits to make sure that you’re not ignoring this service:

Winter weather prep: One of the big factors in terms of how often you should have your car detailed involves the driving elements. For instance, if you live in the northern U.S., it’s always a good idea to have a full detailing done before winter weather arrives. This way, your exterior is better protected from the likes of snow, sleet and ice.

Eliminating scratches: If not treated quickly and properly, a small scratch can turn into a big one. That’s another benefit of auto detailing – it’s a process that can buff out scratches before they become true problems and impact the value of your car.

New car smell: For those that love that new car smell, that’s what a good interior auto detailing can do for you. It won’t just spruce up your interior fabrics, components and consoles to a like-new condition, but also provide an environment that’s odor-free and the closest thing to brand new.

Engine conditioning: You already know how important regular oil changes and recommended engine maintenance is to the life of your vehicle. Auto detailing can help, too. Professionals who offer engine detailing wash the engine with hot water and steam to clean out all the dirt and smudge to keep your engine running better for longer.

Car cleanliness: Auto detailing will also help make your car easier to clean and easier to troubleshoot any potential problems.

As you can see, auto detailing should be a part of your overall vehicle maintenance plan. The process offers a variety of benefits, which all add up to a more valuable car.

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