Boat Detailing

Boat Services

It is important to maintain your boat through basic washes after pulling the boat out of the water, and crucial to maintain a protective coat of wax or sealant to the gel coat to prevent oxidation, chalking, and fading of the surface.

If your boat’s surface has oxidation and has lost its shine, we can repair it through our Absolute Perfection Boat Detail which revives the gel coat of your boat, restoring it to its original shine and luster.

Basic wash-Top Side

$5 – $8 per foot


  • Exterior washed and dried (trailer included)
  • Interior washed and dried
  • Spray wax applied
  • Windows cleaned



Wash and wax

Clean and protect your investment.

$7 – $9 per foot


  • Basic detail
  • Exterior surfaces are clay barred
  • Paint sealant is applied to exterior surfaces (longer durability than wax)
  • Paint sealant is applied to smooth interior surfaces
  • UV dressing is applied to vinyl for protection

Top Side & Deck Down

$8-$11 per foot


  • Wash and wax package
  • Oxidation removal via machine polishing to bring back the shine
  • Metal polished and sealant applied

Our Wax Package offer full exterior care.  Leave the work to us and enjoy the fun


Wash & Wax
A step above your average boat washing. We use top of the line Orpine wash & wax which erases all the salt water particles and chalkiness off your boat while protecting your gel coat. We further machine polish your vessel with our professional caranuba wax to make your boat shine. Your deck and all your compartment wells are completely scrubbed and cleaned from dirt and mildew and are left sparkling clean and smelling pine fresh! Your isinglass is cleaned, and UV Polished for superb visibility and UV protection.

Oxidation Removal & Sealant
For very neglected Gel-coats, even the most aggressive compounds will not comletely remove the oxidation build up. We use a 3-4 step process of wet-sanding the gelcoat removing all oxidation and scratches. We follow that by a 2-3 step process of compounding, to bring back the shine. Then we apply a finesse-it glaze to polish your gelcoat which removes any scratches or imperfections and prepares the surface to be sealed. The process is finished with the application of a professional marine grade caranuba wax(3 months of protection when properly care for) or a gel-coat surface sealant — providing up to 4 months of protection and amazing shine for your investment. This service truly brings boat detailing to a whole new level!

Compounding & High-Speed Polishing
Compounding removes oxidation, chalkiness and faded gel coats. It will restore your faded color to its original luster. We only use top of the line, quality marine compounds. Each compound is determined by the age of the gel coat and condition. Some boats may need a light compound, as others will require a medium to heavy duty compound. We use a 2-3 step process to bring your gel coat back to its original condition.

Stainless Steel Restoration
Bow rails, Cleats, T-Tops & Towers — our stainless steel and aluminum restoration service removes rust and tarnish. Your brightwork will shine while being protected against future rust and corrosion.

Vinyl & Leather Cleaning
Upholstery cleaning, mildew removal and conditioning of all leather and vinyl. Once our vinyl & leather cleaner has brought your upholstery back to life, our UV Protectant and conditioner will ensure they remain like new and protected against the elements.

Plastic & Rubber Rejuvenator
Black plastic, Switches, and Rub-Rails are polished and protected with our Rubber Rejuvenator and UV protectant. This will give them a nice matte finish and protect them from drying out, fading, and cracking from sun damage.

UV Polish
Faded, Cloudy Isinglass is hard to see through. Our UV polish treatment will restore clarity to your isinglass and clear plastic windows making them crystal clear again and protect them from the harsh environment.