Boat Detailing –

Revitalize Your Boat’s Brilliance with Our Absolute Perfection Detailing! Let Your Investment Shine Brighter Than Ever!”

1. **Top Side Basic Wash:**
– Exterior washed and dried (trailer included)
– Interior washed and dried
– Spray wax applied
– Windows cleaned

2. **Wash and Wax:**
– Top Side Basic Wash features
– Exterior surfaces clay barred
– Paint sealant applied to exterior surfaces (longer durability than wax)
– Paint sealant applied to smooth interior surfaces
– UV dressing applied to vinyl for protection

3. **Top Side & Deck Down:**
– Wash and Wax package benefits
– Oxidation removal via machine polishing for a restored shine
– Metal polishing and sealant application

4. **Wax Package:**
– Full exterior care
– Orpine wash & wax for salt water particle and chalkiness removal
– Professional carnauba wax machine polishing for a shining finish
– Deck and compartment well scrubbing and cleaning
– Isinglass cleaning and UV polishing for visibility and protection

5. **Oxidation Removal & Sealant:**
– Wet-sanding for oxidation and scratch removal
– Compound process to restore shine
– Finesse-it glaze for polishing
– Marine-grade carnauba wax or gel-coat surface sealant for protection

6. **Compounding & High-Speed Polishing:**
– Removal of oxidation, chalkiness, and faded gel coats
– Top-quality marine compounds used in a 2-3 step process

7. **Stainless Steel Restoration:**
– Rust and tarnish removal for bow rails, cleats, T-tops, and towers
– Brightwork shines and is protected against future rust and corrosion

8. **Vinyl & Leather Cleaning:**
– Upholstery cleaning, mildew removal, and leather/vinyl conditioning
– UV Protectant and conditioner for ongoing protection

9. **Plastic & Rubber Rejuvenator:**
– Polishing and protection for black plastic, switches, and rub-rails
– Rubber Rejuvenator and UV protectant for a matte finish and sun damage prevention

10. **UV Polish:**
– Restoration of faded, cloudy isinglass for improved visibility
– Protection against harsh environmental elements

This comprehensive list covers various aspects of boat detailing to keep your vessel in top-notch condition.